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Why Use a Garlic Keeper? (Oh the Aroma)

Garlic belongs to the onion family. It consists of multiple sub-sections, known as cloves. Historians claim that it is native to Siberia. However, people use it as a flavoring agent worldwide. Also been used as medicine for several hundred years.

To utilize garlic, we must keep it fresh. We won't use a garlic clove that is already rotting. To utilize garlic, we must keep it fresh. We won't use a garlic clove that is already rotting. comes in.

So, why use a garlic keeper? We are going to focus on that in this article from a broader view.

Factors on Why Garlic Goes Bad?

Garlic can go bad for different reasons. Primarily due to moisture, temperature, and light, garlic goes wrong. So, in the section below, you will understand how all those three are responsible for ruining your garlic. Let's move on.

Garlic cloves on orange background

Light, Temperature, and Moisture

These are the three environmental parameters that reduce garlic's longevity. In addition, sunlight strengthens the spoiling process of garlic, creating odor.

The same thing happens in a warmer and moister environment.

One thing is clear that the garlic's spoiling process is sensitive to the surrounding atmosphere. So, to keep it fresh, we need to bring something to control the environment. And the best way to do that is using a vessel to store your garlic.

6 Garlic Questions Answered

Garlic in a ceramic storage container

1. What is a Garlic Keeper?

It's a container to keep fresh garlic last longer with a removable lid to prevent garlic from direct sunlight.

Further, it has some small air intake, helping the inside garlic to breathe. A garlic keeper comes with a ceramic body. It comes in handy when storing a smaller quantity of garlic bulbs.

Usually, a typical storage keeper can contain 2-4 garlic bulbs. Again, it's because they are washable and easier to clean.

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2. What’s the Purpose of a Garlic Keeper?

The main objective is to reduce the spoiling procedure of garlic bulbs and deliver it a long lifespan. A good quality container can keep garlic fresh for four months to one year.

Further, it stores the garlic properly, preserves the original taste, prevents the garlic from moisture, sunlight, and keeps air circulation inside the container. 

3. Why is a Garlic Keeper Better Than a Traditional Storage Method?

There are several ways to make your garlic last a long time:

  • Freeze It; it's safe while kept frozen.
  • Store In Oil; the cloves remain fresh when submerged in oil.
  • Refrigerate/Garlic Keeper; the refrigerator and garlic keeper will keep it fresh.

These are the most widely used methods for storing garlic bulbs and cloves.

Among them, the easiest way is to use a garlic keeper. Here, a closed lid prevents odor from spreading outside and blocks light. As a result, air circulates inside the container.  

While storing in your fridge, you'll need to put the bulbs in a plastic bag to prevent odor. In the case of oil preserving, the procedure seems time-consuming. 

You can just put the garlic inside your keeper, close the lid and go. It's that simple.

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4. What If You Don't Use a Garlic Keeper?

So, what can go wrong if you store garlic exposed to an open environment?

Whenever we're storing something, it means we want a longer lifespan for that substance or material. In this case, the material is garlic. 

To store for an extended period, we have to consider controlling the surrounding temperature, light, and air. It becomes irritable to do the job manually. So, changes in one of three environmental parameters may lead the garlic bulbs to go bad quickly.

Separated cloves last for about 8-10 days at room temperature. And for the unbroken garlic, the lifespan is about three weeks.

It starts going bad within some days; the original taste changes, the cloves form a yellowish tan.

So, it will be a wrong decision to store garlic bulbs without generating the proper environment.

5. How Do You Identify If Garlic is Going Bad?

The easiest way to identify if garlic bulbs are defective is by looking for brown or dark spots on the cloves.

As the spoiling process begins, the cloves go yellowish from white. Sometimes, it shoots out green roots from the middle of the cloves.

Round garlic holder on orange background

6. How to Choose the Best Garlic Keeper?

A storage container made of terracotta is considered the best one.

We know that moisture is an enemy of garlic's lifespan. Terracotta absorbs moisture as well as odor. As it's a porous material, so it has proper ventilation.

We can look into the aspects of selecting the right one for you:


Materials are the first to choose while going for a good garlic keeper.

Every material has its pros and cons. We can categorize them from good to poor as - terracotta, ceramic, stoneware, and plastic.


While choosing a non-porous material, we have to make sure if it has proper air intake or not. Porous materials don't require extra holes to drive the air inside.


Cleaning a garlic keeper after extended use may restore its usability. So, you should choose a garlic keeper that's easy to clean.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to keeping this aromatic substance last longer, nothing comes in handy more than a garlic keeper. 

We hope that we answered the question (let us know below) of "Why Use a Garlic Keeper!" Storage is much easier using one, saving time and effort.

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