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What Is A Bread Maker Machine: Baking For Amateurs

In the modern kitchen, the bread maker is one of the most commonly used appliances. But what is a bread maker machine? Who had the great idea to invent one, and why?

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Who Invented the First Bread Maker Machine?

Bread has been around for thousands of years – it is even mentioned in the Bible. However, the first bread maker was invented by Joseph Lee in Boston in 1895.

His original invention was a machine for crumbling old bread into breadcrumbs that was used for frying fish, making schnitzels, and other elements of food preparation, Until that point, old bread would be thrown out, so Mr. Lee's invention eliminated a lot of food waste.

Then Joseph Lee took his invention one step further and created a bread maker that was used in bakeries and saved the work of about five or six people. Joseph Lee's machine was intended for the catering industry, and that's who it would serve for almost another century.

The bread maker didn't reach home kitchens until a domestic bread machine was invented in Japan in 1986 by the Mitsubishi Electric Co., which is today Panasonic. Panasonic refined the original design so that it could produce one loaf at a time.

The idea of using a machine to make one loaf at a time rather than in masses caught on very fast, and bread makers are now seen in household kitchens all over the world.

How Does a Bread Maker Machine Work?

The ingredients are poured into the bread pan in a certain order – usually liquids first, with the solid components laid on top. (This is because the yeast used in bread makers is activated when it comes into contact with the liquid ingredients, and this should only occur once the machine's program begins.)

A paddle creates the dough, and then the bread machine's own inbuilt oven bakes it into bread. The whole process takes a few hours, at the end of which you have your own home-baked loaf of bread.

Why Use a Bread Maker Machine?

Here are the reasons why bread machines have become so popular:

  • In the past, most households were run by stay-at-home moms, and baking bread was one of the regular chores. Today, most men and women go out to work, so who has time to bake bread?
  • A bread machine saves you a lot of time because even though it still takes time to bake, you don't have to go through the process of kneading the dough, waiting for it to rise, and then putting it in and out of the oven. The bread maker saves you all of those steps.
  • Home baked bread always tastes better than the shop-bought loaves. And needless to say, the smell of baking bread is very pleasant and welcoming in any home.
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    You can have freshly baked bread every morning for breakfast without having to go to the store. Simply set up your bread maker before you go to bed, and voila! You will have a loaf of bread ready and waiting for you when you get up.
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    Using a bread maker saves a lot of mess. True, you have to clean your bread maker, but that is still less messy than cleaning mixing bowls, mixer utensils, and so forth.

Ask most users of bread maker machines, and they will tell you that they don't regret buying one. Joseph Lee's invention has revolutionized the modern kitchen, making fresh bread a prime and healthy part of today's diet.

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