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SKG Automatic 2-LB Bread Maker Review

If you are just starting out making your own bread in a bread maker, the SKG two-pound machine might be the perfect fit for you. It sports 19 preset functions with three crust settings; light, medium or dark. Also, the bright back-lit LCD display clearly shows the time remaining during baking - with all the settings.  

As with other high-tech models, this bread maker is very easy to use. However, this model has just a 550-watt motor, so it may not be able to handle thicker breads.

Highlighted Features

19 Preset Functions

You get nineteen functions, even one for making yogurt, with this machine. There is also basic, sweet breads, French, gluten-free, cake and jam. Make any kind of bread for any occasion with this sleek, slim machine.

Easy to Handle

The outside stays cool when the inside is hot. This bread maker weighs just over 10 pounds, so you can easily shift it from one end of the kitchen to the other, if you need to move it out of the way. The handle on the loaf pan allows you to lift it out of the bread maker quickly.  


Several timing features make this bread maker worthwhile. There’s a 15-hour delay timer if you want to start cooking bread later in the day. If the power goes out, the bread maker saves your settings and the time remaining for 15 minutes. This bread maker has an automatic, one-hour “keep warm” function after it finishes baking the bread.

Three Bread Sizes

With the SKG Automatic 2-LB Bread Maker, you get to make one-pound, 1 ½-pound and two-pound sizes loaves. Get used to perfectly light and fluffy dessert breads. You can also make thick and nutritious whole-wheat breads on another setting. As with every other bread maker, you get three crust settings for light, medium and dark.

Quality Craftsmanship

SKG backs up its bread maker with a two-year warranty on defects from the factory. Although not as robust as the warranty from Cuisinart, it’s still a good investment in your money. You get free customer service with your purchase as well. Just call SKG with any questions and concerns.

The Pros

Here are some notable pros of the SKG Automatic Bread Machine: 

  • check-square-o
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    Easy to use
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    19 preset functions

The Cons

Here are some notable cons of the SKG Automatic Bread Machine: 

  • Smaller motor
  • Not horizontal loaves


This bread maker is a winner due to its 19 preset functions, and is the #1 New Release on Amazon. Watch out for thicker, tougher breads as the kneading paddle may not be able to handle the extra load with the smaller motor.

Suction cups on the bottom keep this bread maker firmly attached to the countertop. You still get perfect bread with this machine, so it’s still a good fit for your kitchen.

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