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Do You Know How to Make Jam in a Bread Maker?

Have you ever wondered how to make jam in a bread maker? Strange as it sounds, it is actually possible, adding a tasty spread to your daily loaf.

It all depends on which kind of bread maker you have and if it has a "jam" setting. (Often people buy bread makers without even knowing that this setting exists or how useful it is!)

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Why Make Your Own Jam?

People who make their own homemade jam say that nothing ever tastes as good as the real thing, but this is not the only reason for making it yourself.

Many of the jams and conserves on supermarket shelves contain a lot of sugar and preservatives. The amounts and proportions of sugar, fruit, and pectin in commercial jam are governed by strict FDA regulations, ensuring that they are not too unhealthy.

But if you suffer from diabetes, you don't have a particularly sweet tooth, or you would prefer your jam to have a fruitier taste, you are much better off making your own jam.

Save Time & Energy

Making jam at home can be quite time-consuming, so this is where your bread maker comes in. Using it will shorten the process and save a lot of mess.

It is also much safer, as you are not leaving boiling pans on stove-tops.

However, before you start, check the following:

  • Does your bread maker have a "jam" or "jelly" setting? This will only work if you have this setting.
  • Make sure that the fruit is sufficiently ripe – but not overripe, or it will spoil the recipe.
  • Be prepared for the finished product to be very hot. Make sure to keep young children out of the way when you are making jam as they might get excited and want a taste before it has cooled down properly.
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Healthy Jam

Making your own jam helps you avoid nasty chemicals and preservatives, and you can get a better taste of the fruit. For an easy recipe for strawberry jam in your bread maker, click here.

There are other fruits that you can turn into jam – plums, blueberries, raspberries, and more.

You can also make various sugar-reduced versions of jam, but as sugar acts as a preservative, you will find that these will spoil faster than regular jam.

There are various ways to make it, such as using stevia or other sugar substitutes instead, using only sugar-free pectin, or adding gelatin.

Whatever you do, you will hopefully find whatever works for you.

Final Thoughts

Using a bread maker for jam as well as bread shows its versatility. It's extremely pleasant to wake up to a breakfast made from homemade bread and fruit jam.

You can also use it to create jelly (so-called as it has more gelatin in it than jam), marmalade, and conserves. For an added touch of luxury to your perfect breakfast, add a dollop of cream.

If you are looking for an ideal gift for any family you know, this is it.

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