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How to Clean Your Toaster Oven And Tray

So, you've bought your brand new toaster oven or maybe you already had one. A question might arise: how to clean toaster oven tray?

Of course, when you make food items in an appliance, you need to ensure that the appliance is squeaky clean, otherwise, it might run the risk of contaminating your food.

Of course, we have all been guilty of letting our toaster oven get dirty. It is a tiring job that requires you to take out extra time and effort! However, that does not mean you should skip out on it.

If you’re still confused, then simply read ahead for a comprehensive article on how to clean your toaster oven.

Is Your Toaster Oven New or Old?

The first step in cleaning your toaster oven is determining whether your toaster oven is new or old. If the toaster oven is brand new then you might have never cleaned it before.

What you need to do is follow the instruction manual about the cleaning process. The manufacturer might have listed do's and don’ts of cleaning the toaster oven. They might have considered the quality of their materials and then given you recommendations to get a clean toaster oven.

Therefore, their recommendations might come in handy for you.

And of course you might need to remove parts from your oven, like the crumb tray to clean it thoroughly. So we recommend that you read your toaster oven manual thoroughly to learn how to remove these parts and put them back together easily.

What Should You Use to Clean Your Toaster Oven?

All of the manuals from well know brands suggest using a soft cloth or a soft sponge to scrub the oven clean. While they suggested using either a liquid soap water solution, diluted vinegar or a non abrasive cleanser as the solution.

You can use any type of cloth or pad, however, ensure that they are not abrasive as they might scratch the beautiful finishing of your oven. Do NOT use Brillo pads or Steel sponges. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth that scrubs and cleans efficiently.

A popular solution is to use an oven cleaner on these aluminum toaster ovens. However, aluminum and oven cleaners do not make fast friends. Simply read the precautions on any bottle of oven cleaner and you will certainly find aluminum on the list.

How to Clean Toaster Oven Tray (Basics)

The first step is a basic cleaning regimen that you can perform once a week or after each use of the oven.

It involves the following six steps:

1. Removing Crumbs

First, you should unplug the toaster and open the door. Then tilt the open side forward to remove any crumbs out of it. You can try tapping it gently to remove all of the crumbs. Then, collect those crumbs and dispose of them.

2. Remove the Tray

The next step is to remove the tray and carry it out to the sink. Also, remove any other pans or racks. There is a crumb pan at the bottom that collects all the crumbs. Remove it and carry it to the sink.

3. Attack with a Sponge

Use a sponge to remove any grime or grease from the tray or racks using an all-purpose cleaner. For the interior of the toaster oven, wipe the inside down with a scrubber sponge and the all-purpose cleaner.

4. Drying

Put all the racks and trays on a drying station and leave the door of the oven open to allow it to dry.

5. Clean the Door

Prepare a solution of equal parts of vinegar and salt and use it to wipe down the glass door. This will leave the glass door grease free.

5. Clean the Outside

For the exterior use soapy water with a dampened rag to clean the door if the finish is a painted steel or plastic. However, if it is chrome, then use a microfiber cloth as a regular cloth is abrasive and might ruin the finish of the oven.

How to Tackle Stubborn Grime

This is for those days when you could not clean your oven and it is now loaded with grime.

  • 1
    Spray a sponge with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down the sides and bottom of the inside of the toaster oven and the tray for easy to remove grime.
  • 2
    For more stubborn grime, using baking soda with ammonia in a ratio of three to one. Wipe firmly in a circular motion in the area where the grime has accumulated. You can also use lemon juice and tartar in a ratio of two to one.
  • 3
    Moisten a cloth and sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on to it. This will remove all kinds of grease.
  • 4
    Use a nylon cloth with soapy water to remove stuck on food or food that has charred.

How to Maintain Your Toaster Oven

So after a hard day of cleaning your toaster oven, you need to ensure that such a time never comes again!

Here are some maintenance tips:

  • 1
    Do light cleaning daily after each use. Wipe down any grease or food that might have stuck to the interior as soon as possible. If left over time, the grease might buildup and become harder to remove.
  • 2
    Lay an oven liner on to the tray. The drip tray at the bottom is hard to clean. However, if you place an oven liner, you need only remove the oven liner.
  • 3
    Do not store things on the top of the oven as it might result in discoloration of the surface when it heats up.


  • Do not immerse your toaster oven in water completely.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the sponge or rag. Do not spray directly into the oven.
  • The sponges you use should be damp and not soaking wet.
  • Stay away from the electrical components when using liquids.
  • Do not directly clean the heating element.

Final Thoughts

All in all, cleaning your toaster oven and tray is essential for good health and food safety. Crumbs and food left in your toaster oven might char and burn. Therefore, ruining your recipes. Ensure to give your oven a thorough cleaning weekly and always wipe down any crumbs right after use.

Now you know how to clean toaster oven tray, you can enjoy using your appliance without worrying about dirt and grime!

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