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How to Clean a Bread Machine

You need to know how to clean a bread machine in order to get the most efficient usage out of it (as well as getting delicious bread and jam for the longest time ...).

At first, you may feel rather fazed by the various parts of the machine, but cleaning a bread maker is not as difficult as it may at first seem.

Here's How to Clean a Bread Machine

  • 1
    Make sure that the bread machine is completely cool before you start.
  • 2
    Turn the bread maker on its side and carefully sweep out all crumbs inside it using a small basting brush or paintbrush. Do NOT use water here.
  • 3
    If you have moist dough on the lid or on the sides of the machine, wait till it's totally dried out before you try to remove it. Then gently pick off the pieces of dough. If you find it difficult to remove them, use a slightly damp cloth. First moisten the cloth with dish-washing soap and warm water and squeeze it out. Then gently wipe off the dough.
  • 4
    You might want to put the removable parts of your bread machine into your dishwasher, but don't automatically assume that they are safe in the dishwasher. Read the bread machine manual carefully first to find out, as some are not dishwasher-safe at all.
  • 5
    If liquid spills inside the bread machine, use a damp cloth to wipe it out very gently. DON'T flood it with water, as that's really no good for your bread machine.
  • 6
    What happens if the heating element gets dirty? Don't use detergent, as the heating element is very fragile and this could damage it. Simply wipe it down gently and carefully with a damp microfiber cloth or sponge.
  • 7
    Clean the bread pan and dough hook with a sponge and soft cloth, with soapy water. In spite of the non-stick coating of the bread pan, sometimes a loaf may stick to the bottom. In that case, don't scrape off the remnants with steel wool or brush, or similarly abrasive agents, as this can ruin the nonstick surface, causing it to rust. Simply soak the pan in boiling soapy water and leave it to soak for half an hour. Then you can gently wipe it clean.
  • 8
    Leave all the parts of the bread machine to air dry.

Here's a Few Points to Remember

Cleaning your bread machine doesn't have to be a complicated task. Remember to do it when the machine has cooled down, but not too long afterwards, otherwise the crumbs and dried out dough will become harder to remove.

Never use abrasive chemicals or steel brushes, as this could cause damage, and never submerge the whole bread machine in water.

Don't Forget to Oil the Bread Maker Post

Another important part of maintaining your bread machine is oiling the kneading post.

Depending on how often you use the machine, you should do this around every six months, otherwise the constant spinning and exposure to humidity will affect its functioning. This also doesn't have to be too difficult.

The best materials to use are 3-in1 oil or sewing machine oil. Don't use WD-40 as it's poisonous, and cooking oil or mineral oil can get gummy and ruin the seals.

Make sure to oil the outside of the pan, and not the inside, as sewing machine oil and 3-in-1 oil are also not for human consumption. Be careful to use rubber gloves and to wash your hands afterwards.

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