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Help! My Homemade Bread Smells & Taste Yeasty

Did you just go through the hassle of making bread-maker or homemade bread? The last thing you want is for your bread to not turn out the way you expected. One crucial difference between homemade and store-bought bread is that homemade bread tends to smell yeasty, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s only when it starts tasting yeasty and sour that you know there’s a problem.

Here’s what could be making your bread taste yeasty, and what you can do to fix it.

1. Watch the Yeast Temperature

When it comes to bread, the temperature you make it at is crucial. The temperature you set the dough in, in order for it to rise, could be too high. If your dough rises at a temperature higher than 85°F at most, it will come out tasting yeasty.

Check the rising temperature of the bread-dough for the recipe you’re using and make sure you don’t place your dough at a higher temperature than what is specified.

2. Measure the Sugar and Yeast Carefully

If you add in more sugar than what is required, you’ll make the yeast expand too quickly, or more than what is needed for the right blend of flavor. Too much sugar can make your bread taste yeasty and sour, simply because it creates too much yeast.

Some people also tend to add too much yeast to their recipe because they’re eager to get it to rise faster.

3. Keep an Eye on the Clock

Don’t leave the dough to rise for too long. The recipe you’re referring to will have a specified time for letting the dough rise, and letting it rise longer than that can cause a yeasty taste.

Keep an eye on the dough and make sure you know when it’s time to turn it into bread. This requires a lot of patience, but if you aren’t vigilant, you’ll get yeasty tasting bread.

Final Thoughts

Stay calm, breadmaking is a skill that takes time and experience. However, if you’re patient, watch the clock and temperate, and only add the right amount of ingredients specified, your bread will turn out great. 

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