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Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker Review

Hamilton Beach is another big name in kitchen appliances and gadgets. The HomeBaker 29882 bread maker has many of the same features as the Zojirushi model and then some.

The design is a bit more compact, so it saves space on your countertop. Six buttons control several settings, and your selections appear on a brightly lit LCD screen. This screen isn’t as big as the one on the Zojirushi appliance.

You get 12 preset programs with the Hamilton Beach bread maker. Loaves look smaller, though, as a convenient basket easily comes in and out of the gadget thanks to the handle on top.

Knead dough for rolls, baguettes and French bread without any baking. Feel free to bake cakes, jams and other loaf-based products.

Features of the Hamilton Beach 29882 Bread Machine

Compact Design

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    Instead of spreading out horizontally, Hamilton Beach manufactures this bread maker with a more vertical design to save space on your kitchen counter.
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    The machine weighs eight pounds less than the Zojirushi model, so it’s easier to handle and move.
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    Four anti-slip feet keep the machine from moving when your counter gets wet. Just because this appliance is smaller, that doesn’t mean it lacks features.

Twelve Preset Programs

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    Hamilton Beach has 12 preset modes automatically put into this bread maker. An Express setting bakes bread in 58 minutes using quick-rising yeast. This setting works for loaves of 1 ½ or two pounds.
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    The Dough setting prepares specialty doughs for pizza crust, rolls, baguettes and French bread. Unlike the Zojirushi model, Hamilton Beach includes a Sweet mode that requires more rise time.
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    This mode allows for raisins, grated coconut, sweet additives and chocolate. A Cake setting lets you bake cakes easily.

No Hand Mixing

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    Like other comparable bread makers, this model lets you input ingredients and then the appliance does the rest of the work. All you do is peer inside thanks to the see-through lid to watch the action.
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    One flipper at the bottom kneads the dough. You get a spare flipper in the box for making a second batch. Just trade out the flippers, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

Precise Controls

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    Precise controls let you control the kneading time. The device makes an audible noise when it’s time to add fruit, nuts or other additives.
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    This comes in handy when you want to create organic, gluten-free or artisanal breads. You get a recipe book for baking with organic and nontraditional flours, courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods.


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    The nonstick pan and kneading paddles are dishwasher safe.
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    The outside is cool to the touch, even while the inside of the bread maker is busy with hot, tender bread.
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    If you don’t want to put the pan in the dishwasher, you can wash the nonstick pan by hand with a hot, soapy cloth. All of these extra features add up to more convenience in the kitchen as you save money baking your own bread.


Here are some notable pros of the Hamilton Beach 29882 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine:

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    Compact design
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    Lighter weight
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    Easy-to-use recipes


Here are some notable cons of the Hamilton Beach 29882 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine:

  • Just one kneading paddle instead of two
  • Compact loaf instead of traditional rectangular loaf


The Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 Bread Maker is available to purchase on Amazon for

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this bread maker noisy?

A: This appliance sounds loud when it mixes bread, and it beeps at you when it’s time to add ingredients. It also beeps when the bread finishes cooking.

Q: Can you make all types of bread in this device?

A: You can even make yeast-free breads on the Cake setting.

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Hamilton Beach has a good model with plenty of settings for precise control. It’s even less expensive than the higher-end Zojirushi bread maker.

However, the nonstick properties of the pan may lessen over time with repeated washing's in an automatic dishwasher due to the harsh soaps. You might consider washing everything by hand.

You get three crust settings here, which is similar to the Zojirushi appliance.

Hamilton Beach’s model is lighter and easier to handle, but you may not get as high of a quality due to a lack of heating element on top.

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