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Best Stand Mixers For Bread Dough
 Guide & Reviews

Best Stand Mixer For Bread Dough Guide And Reviews

If you are a frequent baker you would know the hassle of physically kneading your dough. Your stand mixer can be your best friend in making all kinds of bread since it saves a lot of energy and time by kneading the dough for you.

Yes! Stand mixers can be worth a lot and are a big investment for some people but at the same time, the feasibility and comfort offered by it make it worth every penny. Also, dough's kneaded by stand mixers are always more professional and have a better texture. The consistency in the texture of the dough is maintained, which is not very visible when the dough is physically kneaded.

There are many choices of stand mixers from heavy duty to light duty too small sized to large sized. For your ease, we have discussed the top 10 best stand mixers for bread dough available on the market as well as the features that you should look for in every stand mixer.

Best Stand Mixers For Bread Dough Quick Comparison Table

Product Name


Overall Score



Bread Yield


KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Stand Mixer Comparison

4.6 / 5

5 Quarts

10 Speeds

11 Loafs

325 Watts

Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer Comparison

4.3 / 5

5.5 Quarts

12 Speeds

12 Loafs

800 Watts

Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer Comparison

4.5 / 5

5 Quarts

12 Speeds

11 Loafs

550 Watts

4.7 / 5

4.5 Quarts

10 Speeds

10 Loafs

275 Watts

KitchenAid KSM155GBAZ Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl Comparison

4.5 / 5

5 Quarts

10 Speeds

11 Loafs

325 Watts

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer Comparison

4.4 / 5

6.5 Quarts

4 Speeds

14 Loafs

800 Watts

KitchenAid KSM75WH Classic Plus Series Stand Mixer Comparison

4.5 / 5

4.5 Quarts

10 Speeds

10 Loafs

275 Watts

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221 All Metal Stand Mixer Comparison

4.4 / 5

3 Quarts

12 Speeds

7 Loafs

400 Watts

KitchenAid KP26M1XCE Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer Comparison

4.3 / 5

6 Quarts

10 Speeds

13 Loafs

575 Watts

Hamilton Beach 63325 Stand Mixer Comparison

4.2 / 5

3.5 Quarts

6 Speeds

8 Loafs

300 Watts

*Bread yield is based on one pound loaves* 

Best Stand Mixers for Bread Dough Reviews

Stand Mixer Mixing Ingredients

Here are the best stand mixers for bread dough available in the market today. These are in ascending order, so you can find our favorite at the very bottom.

Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer


This stand mixer by Hamilton is a reasonable alternative to expensive stand mixers. It provides the same quality beating with a 300-watt motor installed in it. The planetary mixing action given to the beater helps in beating the food ideally. 

From airy eggs to thick cookie dough and bread dough, everything is easily prepared using this mixer. Its 3.5 quarts bowl is perfect for baking items for a small family gathering. If you need something that is not very large yet very efficient then this machine is the one for you.

It has 6 different speeds programmed and along with that it also has a fold setting which gives you more control over whatever that is cooking. The bowl is made of stainless steel and is completely dishwasher safe. It comes with a dough hook for kneading the dough, a whisk as well as a flat beater. All of them reach to the corners of the bowl and scrape out food for beating.

The machine has a tilt head mechanism for removing the bowl. It also has non-slip feet which lets you easily prepare your dough and batter without having to worry about the mixer bouncing on the counter.

KitchenAid KP26M1XCE 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer - Copper Pearl


This stand mixer is a heavy-duty mixer from the professional series of KitchenAid. It comes with a metal flat beater, 6 wire beater and a spiral dough beater for all the heavy-duty work. Whipping and kneading in large quantities is not a big deal with this stand mixer. The power and versatility added to the design of this machine make everything easy and convenient.

The power hub of the machine has more than 12 attachments that can be purchased for tasks like rolling pasta, grating cheese, mincing meat and what not. These tasks are completed in just a few seconds. 

The system of this mixer is a bowl lift mechanism which makes the machine heavier and bulkier as compared to other machines with tilt head mechanism. It has 10 different speeds with a 67-point planetary mixing actions.

The bowl is made of stainless steel which is extremely easy to handle and clean. A convenient handle is also added for easily lifting the bowl. All the beater hooks are made of burnished aluminum for better durability. The machine comes in 10 different colors for matching your kitchen scheme. It is ideal for bakers who have to make large quantities of bread, cookies or cakes at a time.

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221 All-Metal Stand Mixer, Sugar


This heavy-duty high-performance mixer by Hamilton is the ideal mixer for you if you don’t care about the looks but want a durable and sturdy machine that stays with you forever.

It has a powerful 400-watt motor attached to it that can help you beat and knead almost anything. Easy hands-free baking is promoted by Hamilton via this machine.

It is constructed for all kinds of delicate as well as heavy tasks. As compared to two-beater stands, this beater has planetary action programmed into it which is far better as compared to two beater mixers.

It has twelve different settings programmed into it which gives you the best control over speed as well as the way your food is being beaten. The machine has a tilt head mechanism as well as non-slip feet added to it. The non-slip feet prevent different injuries and also prevents the machine from bouncing around. The 4.5 quarts bowl is perfect for beating batter and dough for a large number of people.

For easy cleanup, guards and protective coatings are added to all parts of the mixer. This helps in keeping the machine clean as well as hygienic at all times. The risk of grease and egg residue accumulating is greatly reduced.

KitchenAid KSM75WH Classic Plus Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, White


This beautiful mixer from the classic plus series is ideal for all kinds of heavy as well as light duty work. This machine will never disappoint you in terms of the work it can carry out and in terms of quality as well. It has all the top-notch features added to it without costing you a fortune.

The mixer comes with 10 different speeds for beating all kinds of stuff. Apart from this, the stainless-steel bowl added to it is a 4.5 quart bowl that can help you cook a perfect supper for a large number of people without any hassle.

The power hub has a compatibility with over 15 different attachments that convert the mixer into a complete kitchen machine for doing all the strenuous tasks for you. This ultimate mixer is the answer to all your problems. The 59-point planetary action mixing that is added to this mixer causes the batter and dough to mix and knead professionally. It has a dandy design which comes in only white color. Both the flat beater and the hook beater are coated for durability and hygiene. It comes with a 1-year hassle free warranty as well.

The mixer is specifically designed to make all kinds of food items and follow all kinds of recipes. It is ideal for mothers who are into baking and want to bake the best kind of things for family and friends.

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer, 800 Watt, 6.5-Quarts with Bowl Scraper and Cake Paddles


This German engineered mixer is made specifically for mixing thick and heavy doughs. It comes under the Bosch universal mixer category and has an 800-watt motor. Since it is designed for thick and heavy doughs, the motor installed is also very powerful. This helps in better mixing, whisking and kneading of the doughs. Making cookies, bread and donuts are made the way easier with this mixer on hand.

The unique bowl design is such that you can add any ingredient in between the mixing process without having to adjust the direction of the bowl.

It has 4 different speeds for beating and mixing thick and heavy doughs with a quick pulse as well. There are no multiple speeds and controls for confusing the user. It is not only a mixer, rather you can add a number of attachments for slicing, grating mincing and what not.

The size of the bowl is 6.5 quarts, which are very large, and helps you make any size of recipes. It is ideal for people who usually bake bread and cookies. If you are fond of making cakes as well, then you might want a mixer with more speed options.

KitchenAid KSM155GBAZ 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl - Azure Blue


This premium design and featured mixer offer everything. Even though it is a little hard on the pocket, it is worth every penny. The 5 quarts glass bowl lets you make large amounts of batter and dough in style. You can see everything beaten using it, and the way it changes the texture.

This glass bowl is easy to handle, clean as well as it has a convenient pouring spout for pouring batter. The extra touch of elegance that this glass bowl adds to the mixer gives your kitchen a different grace. It comes in a variety of different metallic colors and has 10 different speeds that give you complete control over whatever is cooking.

Whisking, kneading and mixing becomes a joke with the help of this machine. The power hub, like every KitchenAid machine, is added to this mixer. It can be used with 12 different attachments for mincing meat, shredding cheese and what not. The mixing action programmed is 59-point planetary that helps in beating more efficiently.

The beating hooks are made with burnished aluminum for better durability. This mixer can be used for all kinds of heavy-duty work. It is ideal for people who require an elegant looking yet extremely efficient mixer for their kitchen.

KitchenAid K45SSWH K45SS Classic 275-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, White


This versatile and durable stand mixer from the classic series of KitchenAid is ideal for amateur bakers. It is not very big neither very small. With tilt head mechanism it has a compact design and can be easily stored in your kitchen cupboards.

It has a standard size and can be used to make all your standard recipes for your family. From bread to cheesecakes all kinds of recipes can be made with this stand mixer. Like all the stand mixers of KitchenAid, this is also equipped with a powered hub that is compatible with a number of attachments. These attachments let you do numerous strenuous task within a few minutes.

The 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl is ideal for making a family size batch of cookies or baking a birthday cake for your child’s birthday party. You can mash up to 6 pounds of potatoes at one time in this mixer.

The beater comes with three hooks, all for different purposes. It also has a 59-point planetary mixing action that doesn’t let anything left behind. With 10 different speeds, this mixer helps you in cooking all kinds of recipes and bread loaves. The beater hooks are nylon coated for prevention of accumulation of food particles and the bowl is made of brushed stainless steel.

Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer


The Breville’s mixer is specifically designed for bakers and professional use. It has a 5 quarts stainless steel bowl with a bowl lock technology for securely locking the bowl in its place. This keeps the bowl from slipping away which is ideal for preventing injuries and waste of food.

The mixer comes with a tilt head mechanism that is initiated with a release button. Once the button is pressed for a while it is released and you can easily add or remove the bowl.

The 550-watt motor installed in this mixer helps in beating each and everything with power. This is especially ideal for baking bread, the powerful the motor, the better kneading you get. This machine is known as scraper pro, it scrapes each and everything with the planetary action of the beater. The beater has 12 different speed for you to control the beating and mixing speed of the machine.

It has a timer installed in it with an LED screen that shows the time that has passed. You can turn the beater on and leave it to work on its own. The speed of the beater is also displayed on the same LED screen.

Cuisinart SM-55BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome


If you need an extremely durable and heavy-duty mixer with no budget limit than look no forward. This mixer is completely coated in chrome and comes with a tilt head mechanism, that makes it compact yet heavy-duty and durable.

it has a 5.5 quarts bowl with a mixer that has 12 different speeds. This mixer can handle any kind of recipe. You name it, this mixer will execute it. It comes with an auto shut off timer which you can program and carry out with your own work. With an 800-watt motor and triple power outlet, this machine gives you the ultimate features.

From blending to beating to juicing, there is not a single thing that this machine cannot do. You can make your own pasta, grind your meat, shredded cheese and bake without making a large mess. The fold speed control gives you the ultimate control over whatever the machine does. It has a splash guard as well as three different kinds of beater hooks added to the package.

Its chrome coated body makes it durable and susceptible to harsh treatment. It is extremely easy to clean and also stays intact for a long time.

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red


This medium duty stand mixer is one of the best mixers possible. The designer and constructor have literally thought of everything while designing it. From the color scheme to attachments, everything is thought of and designed perfectly.

It is a tilt head stand mixer which means you lift the head of the mixer and then remove or screw the bowl back. This design makes this mixer less bulky. It comes in a range of 20 different vibrant colors including black and white. You can choose the one that goes with the theme of your kitchen.

The power hub of the mixer can be converted into different culinary equipment using around 12 optional attachments. It helps you roll pasta, shred cheese and so much more in just a matter of few seconds. Tasks that require great physical effort are made easy with this mixer. The beater is equipped with a 59-point planetary action mixing which means it has 59 touch points in one rotation.

The bowl of the mixer offers space that is equal to 5 quarts which mean you can prepare dough of up to 9 dozen cookies at a time. A dough hook, flat beater, and a wire beater are added with the mixer, these all are used for different tasks. Apart from this, a pouring shield is also added to the package.

This product is ideal for baking things at home where you don’t need professional specifications and features in your stand mixer.

Best Stand Mixers for Bread Dough Buyer's Guide

Stand Mixer Image

Why Use a Stand Mixer For Bread Dough?

To make a soft and tasty bread loaf, you need to knead the dough properly until it is smooth and soft. Usually, the hard work that is required by the kneading process is a big turn off for bakers, also the way dough changes are hard to notice with all the physical effort you are putting in.

While using a stand mixer you don’t have to put in the physical effort, so the changing texture of the dough is quite evident. The change is seen fast as well due to the efficient kneading program that is added to the stand mixer.

Like a bread maker, all you have to do is put in the ingredients and let the mixer to the magic. Now here, the question that arises is why not use a bread maker rather than investing in a stand mixer, the reason being a stand mixer is a versatile equipment that can be used for multiple other tasks as well. In comparison to this, a bread maker is limited in what you can make, you cannot use it to make donuts or cake frostings or brownies etc.

Moreover, people usually start to bake and cook things once they have retired and are moving towards the late fifties or sixties. In that age, you don’t have much strength in your arms and kneading can be a strenuous task for you. In this case, a stand mixer is your best option, it will help you in all kinds of baking processes.

How Can Your Use Your Stand Mixer For Bread Dough?  

Bakers usually don’t like using the completely automated system for making their bread as you don’t have much control over what is cooking. The half manual and half automated process devised with the help of a stand mixer is greatly loved and used nowadays. This has also lead to a great popularity of stand mixers.

For making bread dough people either follow the recipe that comes along with the stand mixer in a small booklet or some recipe from the internet.

The trick is to add all the dry ingredients first and then adding all the wet ingredients like eggs, oil, milk etc. while adding these wet ingredients the speed is slightly increased to mix all the ingredients properly.

Usually, the flour sticks around the corners of the bowl, using a spatula to throw it under the mixer helps.

Once the dough has formed, the kneading process begins. For this, the dough is let to knead for at least 5 minutes. The texture changes during the process, a smooth and soft dough marks the completion of this process.

Also, for the kneading process, oiling your bowl is a good option. After the kneading is complete, the dough is let to rest and rise.

Important Features For Stand Mixers

Everybody has a certain preference while working with different equipment. There are small features that have a great effect on the specifications and work ability of the product. Similarly, for stand mixers, there are features that can have a great effect on the functionality and work-ability of the mixer.

The features and specifications you should look for while buying a stand mixer are:


The weight of the stand mixer plays an imperative role, especially in the kneading process. A light stand mixer might be useful for other tasks but during kneading or dough making it jumps around the counter. If you plan on buying a stand mixer for bread dough making, it is advised that you invest in a heavy-duty stand mixer that is at least 20 pounds in weight. For this issue, there are mixers with suction cups at the bottom as well, but this solution is not very reliable which is why a heavy stand mixer is advised.


There are three different kinds of models in regard to mixer speed. Some have a small range of slow speeds, some have a small range of high speeds while some have a wide range of both. For bread dough making slower speeds are required, whether it is the mixing process or the kneading process. So, while buying a stand mixer, make sure you buy a heavy-duty mixer with specific lower mixing speeds.

Slow Start

The slow start is a very convenient feature that is added on some of the stand mixers. Once you turn the machine on, for the first few seconds the machine turns slowly so that the mixing process starts and then slowly it increases speed. This is best for mixing process as all the ingredients don’t start pouring out of the bowl rather they are giving a chance to gain momentum so that they stay in the bowl. In bread making, this is very convenient as you have to mix the dry ingredients first which are more prone to flying out of the bowl.


You will mostly find plastic or metallic stand mixers on the market. Both have their own plus and minuses. If you want a more durable one then go for a metallic model but they tend to make noise while beating. As compared to metallic stand mixers, plastic ones are less durable but they are quieter.


Different beater styles and movements are included in the stand mixer’s program. If you want to go for a completely basic one, then go for the one that has a planetary rotation program included. This rotation style is best for bread making as it includes all the scrapes and kneads it along with the dough for best mixing.

Final Verdict

This article is all about educating you about the best stand mixers for bread dough. With a huge variety in the market and everyone praising their own product, buying the ideal utensils for your kitchen can be a tedious and mind-boggling task.

If you are looking for a stand mixer, make sure you buy the one with correct weight, capacity and motor size for your kitchen. All the shortlisted stand mixers in this article are best of the best but each one has a different use.

If you want one for your own kitchen that works well for making dough as well as for making batters than the KitchenAid Artisan - KSM150PSER is the best option for you.

However, if you want one for professional use like using in your bakery or for using in your entrepreneurial business kitchen from home than the Cuisinart SM-55BC is the one for you.

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