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Best Horizontal Bread Machine
Guide & Reviews

Loaf Of Bread Made In The Best Horizontal Bread Machine

Many people are fond of breads and they prefer to make breads at home. Some even want to bake breads according to their dietary needs. Consumers can now use the best horizontal bread machine for a much simpler baking process.

Baking takes a lot of time and utensils. But with a bread machine, you can prepare bread easily, saving you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re looking for a bread machine, the following are some of the recommended ones in the market:

Best Horizontal Bread Machine Quick Comparison Table

Bread Maker




Breadman TR444 Rapid Bake Bread Machine

Breadman TR444 2-Pound Rapid-Bake Horizontal Bread Machine Image

4.0 / 5


Breadman 2 lb. Horizontal Bread Machine

Breadman 2 lb. Horizontal Bread Maker Image

4.1 / 5


Breadman (Applica) Horizontal Bread Machine

Breadman (Applica) Horizontal Breadmaker Image

4.1 / 5


Breadman(R) TR520 Horizontal Bread Machine

Breadman(R) TR520 2-pound Horizontal Breadmaker Image

4.1 / 5


Breadman TR520 Horizontal Bread Machine

Breadman TR520 2-pound Horizontal Breadmaker Image

4.0 / 5


Best Horizontal Bread Machine Reviews

Breadman TR444 2-Pound Rapid-Bake Horizontal

Breadman TR444 Two Pound Rapid Bake Breadmaker

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Breadman TR444 guarantees consumers can have freshly-baked breads in less than an hour. The machine has 59-minute super rapid baking feature.

Aside from baking really fast, buyers will use one machine for preparation and baking. This type saves a lot of counter-top space.

Buyers can bake different types of breads. It offers 22 bread settings to suit the users’ preference. With these settings, users can bake loaves, gluten-free breads, whole wheat breads, and a lot more. The control panel on the unit’s surface has the buttons for choosing the setting and actual baking.

As a unit with a high volume capacity, the TR444 can bake up to 2 pounds of loaf bread. This is a good size considering that it’s a counter-top unit. And despite its large capacity, TR444 consumes less space by focusing through its height.

The 13-hour time delay feature is perfect for setting the ingredients first then bake at a later time. This setting prevents the unit from heating and cooking earlier than what user wants. Dough will also have the time to rise, which is a requirement for specific bread or pastry recipes.

The LED display works more than displaying chosen settings and time. It can also inform users of the progress, allowing them to keep track of the baking process.

This unit is easy to clean since the exterior unit only needs wiping. Washing the loaf pan is also easy with its nonstick coating that keeps dough and crusts from sticking.

Buyers will get manuals, kneading paddles, and recipe booklets. Durability is also guaranteed as the seller offers one-year warranty.

Breadman 2 lb. Horizontal Bread Maker

Breadman Two Pound Horizontal Bread Maker Image

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This Breadman model has its own unique features. It offers one-hour keep-warm cycle, which means users can keep their breads warm within an hour after baking.

The lid covering the bread will keep it warm as heat continues to circulate inside.

The exterior design looks clean with its white-colored chassis. Despite the white color, it’s easy to clean since the material used is plastic. Wipe the exterior surface and it will be cleaned.

The main body also has feet that elevate the main unit from the counter top. It provides ventilation to keep the machine from extensive heating which could damage the bread maker.

Another unique feature is the kneading paddle attached directly to the electrical cord. Direct connection to the electrical cord guarantees uninterrupted power, which is necessary for continuous kneading.

All the controls are found on the lid. It has the buttons for choosing baking modes and settings. The LCD display shows the time set for baking and progress. The lid also has a transparent area for users to see the baking progress.

Another good feature is the fruit-and-nut signal bell. This is good for using ingredients like fruits and nuts since they require different settings depending on pastries to bake.

The unit comes with a removable paddle and nonstick baking pan. Both are washable and easy to clean. The nonstick pan guarantees crusts won’t stick on to the surface while the removable paddles can be cleaned using soapy water.

Breadman (Applica) Horizontal Breadmaker

Breadman (Applica) Horizontal Breadmaker

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This unit looks larger than other Breadman models. However, this size is beneficial since users can also bake 2-pound loaves.

But even with its larger body, the unit still looks compact and will fit as a counter top appliance.

What makes this model special is the eight cooking modes. The basic option is made for baking simple breads. Rapid Cycle is for baking breads at a faster time than the usual.

People who want whole wheat bread can choose the whole wheat baking option as it works best with ingredients often used for this bread type. Those who want to prepare pizza dough can use the dough preparation setting for kneading minus the muscle work.

Other settings included are for sweets, quick bread, French bread, and bake only option.

With Fast Bake feature, users can bake bread within an hour, making it one of the fastest ways to bake breads. They can also keep breads warm for an hour with the 1-hour keep-warm cycle.

The 13-hour delay timer is an added feature that provides better baking control according to the recipe’s requirements. This can be used with other settings to ensure perfect breads. Users can also choose three crust colors according to their needs with Crust Color Control.

The surface part of the of the unit has the buttons for baking modes. Users can see the set baking time on the LCD display. They can also see the ingredients by looking at the lid’s viewing window.

Other notable features include nonstick inner pan, non-skid feet, and sleek piano varnish design.

Breadman(R) TR520 2-pound Horizontal Breadmaker

Breadman(R) TR520 2-pound Horizontal Breadmaker

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TR520 is a great bread machine mainly because of its top caliber construction. The overall design looks great and perfect for every kitchen design.

It also has a large body that houses the nonstick baking pan and kneading paddles.

Just like the aforementioned model, it offers eight baking functions that suit every bread type. Users can use the one-hour keep-warm cycle to ensure breads will stay warm after cooking minus the possibility of burning the product.

Another special feature is the fruits and nuts signal. Through this signal, users will know whether it’s time to add fruits or nuts to the bread. Faster baking is also an added feature with its Express Bake Cycle. This fast baking feature is possible regardless of the bread’s weight.

It can bake up to 2 pounds of loaves, ensuring buyers with perfect loaves each time. Users can also customize crust color by using the Crust Color Control feature. The Delay Timer will also help users who want to prepare dough or batter for baking at a later time.

Using this unit also guarantees automatic baking. First, users can set the ingredients with its 13-hour time delay set in the timer then use the right baking mode. After setting the baking mode, the user can choose to shut off the unit automatically after baking or use the keep warm option.

Cleanup is not a problem with this model. The baking pan has a nonstick surface, which prevents crusts from sticking. The removable kneading paddles guarantee easy cleaning since users can wash them using soap and water after removing from the unit.

Buying this product will give buyers a measuring spoon, measuring cup, manual and recipe book.

Breadman TR520 2-pound Horizontal Breadmaker

Breadman TR520 2-pound Horizontal Breadmaker

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This model looks similar to the aforementioned TR520 model.

It has the same features offered by its sibling but with a different product number or code. From baking modes to Crust Color Control. This unit guarantees baked products prepared to perfection.

Its large body can bake up to 2 pounds of bread, which means it’s good for making bread for a small family or small group. Buyers can also use the 13-hour delay timer for preparing ingredients beforehand. After cooking, users are guaranteed breads will remain warm for an hour with its 1-hour keep-warm cycle.

The unit’s exteriors are constructed properly to prevent heat from penetrating to the outside shell. This means the unit is safe even with kids around since the unit remains cool even while baking.

What makes this unit special is that the manufacturer specifically indicated that this unit is made according to North American Electrical Standards. This means that buyers from the United States can get this product without worrying about incompatibilities with the American electrical standards.

They won’t worry about plugging the unit in regular outlets. The same standard also applies to Canadian users.

Final Verdict

The best horizontal bread machine cuts down your costs for bread making because you will only need one appliance for everything. Not only does it knead dough, it also bakes different kinds of breads.

They have different baking modes that assure perfect breads when used. Users will also feel like a professional with the delay timer settings and other features that work together in making perfect breads. They can also enjoy warm breads at all times with their keep-warm cycles.

Cleaning is also another part of baking that most people dread. With a bread machine, cleaning becomes easier since baking pans are usually nonstick, which prevents crusts from sticking and ensures quick cleaning.

Depending on the product, users can clean baking pans in dishwashers due to their quality nonstick coating. Kneading paddles are also removable and can be washed with ease.

There are many horizontal bread machines available today so choose the right model with features that suit your needs, especially if you have strict special dietary requirements. Any of the products we’ve listed here should be a great choice.

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