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Best Home Bread Maker– Guide & Reviews

Many people love bread, but dread baking or don’t have the time to do it. With modern technology, people can enjoy freshly-baked breads at home using a bread maker. This kitchen appliance makes baking easy, fast and fun.

Bread makers are small countertop appliances that look like small rice cookers or electric deep fryers. They have small bins and a mini stove that bakes bread. With all the options available, you may be confused about what bread machine to get. To ensure you get the most bang for your buck, you should buy the best home bread maker that you can afford.

Here are the most recommended home bread makers compared today:

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Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

Hamilton Beach Home Bread Maker image

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bread Maker Image

Panasonic Home Bakery 36 Menu Bread Maker

Panasonic Home Bakery 36menu (With Rice Cake,udon Nioodle and Pasta Maker) Image

Best Home Bread Maker Reviews

Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 Breadmaker

This model has a very elegant design and it works best in baking regular breads and gluten-free breads. It’s a compact countertop appliance with dimensions of 12.4 x 12.8 and 16.4 inches, which means it won’t use too much space in your kitchen. Despite its size, however, you can bake a variety of breads with it - from small breads to French breads.


Here are some notable features of the Hamilton Beach Home Bread Maker:

  • Settings: What makes this bread maker special is its different settings that guarantee foolproof baking. It has 12 settings including French, gluten-free bread, whole grain breads, cakes, jams, and others. All these settings are important since they use different ingredients. Different ingredients mean different baking procedures and settings. Regular baking will affect bread’s outcome and guarantee users delicious breads according to their needs.
  • Three Crust Settings: Users can also personalize the outcome of the bread using the crust settings. You can make light, medium or dark crust to come up with unique flavors than the usual.
  • Cool Touch: For people who would like to bake bread with their children, this Hamilton Beach model comes with a cool touch body, which means it cooks bread, but the entire body remains cool. You can consider this as a safety feature for people who like baking with their children.
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    Nonslip Feet: Additional safety feature is the nonslip feet which guarantee that the unit stays in place as it grips on counter surfaces. Top quality nonslip pads will prevent the piece from falling off the counter and keeping it from being damaged even with a single nudge.
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    Easy Cleanup: Cleaning won’t be a problem with this model as it comes with non-stick pan that guarantees easy cleaning. Buyers won’t have to worry about cleaning this in a dishwasher because it’s dishwasher safe. Accessories like kneading paddles are also dish-washing safe.
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    Delay Timer: Adding the ingredients during the initial part of baking is possible with built-in delay timer. Users can add the ingredients first then bake it later on if preferred. The delay timer guarantees freshly-baked and warm bread all the time.
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    Audible Reminders: This model has ingredient-specific audible reminders. Using nuts or fruits in making breads or jams is no problem because users will be reminded when they are ready.

This model works as a bread maker, but it can also be used for dough making. It can make pizza dough to create perfect pizza. It has two kneading paddles to do the job since pizza dough needs a lot of kneading.

Consumers will also get a special recipe booklet. This booklet has traditional bread recipes, but it also includes Bob’s Mill gluten-free recipes for buyers who can’t eat regular bread due to gluten allergies.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker

Zojirushi is a special bread maker with different features that make it one of the best bread makers available. Rather than making simple breads, it has the size meant for baking large, traditional loaves. These traditional loaves are not the typical breads, but 2-pound loaves that guarantee energy-boosting breakfast or snacks.

This model possesses custom settings that make baking breads of different ingredients. Settings guarantee users can bake gluten-free breads, traditional loaves and breads, cakes, whole wheat breads, and jams.

Baking is also easier because users’ favorite bread types are available in pre-programmed settings. Users can set it up and start baking without problems.


Here are some notable features of the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bread Maker:

  • Convenient Baking: The unit’s overall design is meant for convenient baking. The large, open lid works two ways. It allows users to watch the baking process and see if the bread is cooked. The lid also comes with heating system that aids in baking. Additional heating means breads faster baking process.
  • Quick Baking Cycle: Is included to help people bake faster. Using this feature guarantees breads are baked in around two hours.
  • LCD Control Panel: Baking is also made easier with the available user-friendly LCD control panel. The control panel has all the pre-programmed settings and timers. Users can set the bread and leave it to bake on its own. Controls are available right on the bread maker’s top surface. Users have easy access to controls and settings. This panel comes with an LCD clock, which allows users to see if baking time is up or see the number of minutes or hours set for baking.
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    Delay Timer: Buyers will benefit from the 13-hour delay timer. This allows users to add ingredients first as part of the preparation process then continue baking at a later time.

Aside from regular breads, users can also bake meatloaves easier than baking it in oven. Since users can use a setting, they don’t have to worry about burning meatloaves, which is a common problem in oven baking.

This model also offers dough making for pizza or other bread types. It comes with dual kneading paddles to ensure dough is prepared properly and ready for baking.

Additional accessories that come with this model is a measuring cup and measuring spoon. This is a good way to start with baking. Accessories also minimize expenses for those who want to save money.

Due to the heavy construction, this breadmaker is heavier than other options. However, its heavy construction contributes to long-term use and baking large breads.

Consumers getting this product won’t have problems using the model with all the guides available. The package includes DVD guide and recipe booklet. Manuals included will also help buyers use the unit with ease, ensuring they will use the breadmaker properly

Panasonic Home Bakery 36menu

This Panasonic offers breads baked to perfection, but it also lets you prepare other food. It has the regular settings of making soft breads, sandwich breads, French breads, whole wheat breads, and others. Settings help them bake properly without burning, but with perfect crusts all the time.​


Here are some notable features of the Panasonic Home Bread Maker:

  • Reservation Timer: One of its special setting is the reservation timer. It’s used for preparing settings for baking regular breads. One of the settings can be used for making rice breads, mochis, and udon. Mochis and udon are popular Japanese food that many people want to experience. Users don’t need to have the same expertise in trying homemade mocha and udon because this breadmaker will make it possible.
  • Slim Build: Unlike other bread makers, this model doesn’t have a wide body. It has tall body that has unique benefits for baking long breads. This construction also prevents the product from using excessive counter-top space, making the kitchen look organized than using other models.
  • LCD Display: The control panel is found at unit’s surface just right in front of the lid. Users can choose the settings through the control panel. It comes with an LCD clock for users to look at the timer easily.
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    Design: The overall design stands out among the rest as it’s presented with a brown finish that looks great for every home design. It looks compact and lightweight (15 pounds).
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    Cool Touch Ventilation: It also has four feet that elevate the unit, keeping the bottom part from getting in contact on countertop surfaces. This prevents the surface from heating up and prevent potential damages. This also promotes ventilation to control heat that may damage the unit.

What makes this unit more special is the availability of accessories. It allows a user to kickstart baking without excessive expenses. In getting this product, buyers will also get mittens, spoons, and baking vessels that every novice baker needs.

Panasonic made this product, which is the reason why it’s more expensive than other models. However, the brand is known for quality, assuring buyers they will have a long lasting breadmaker.


Everyone wants to enjoy a good homemade bread minus the effort and the mess. With the right breadmaker, you can enjoy all these benefits and more. You can bake a cake without using different utensils. All you need to do is to prepare the best and freshest ingredients, place them in the breadmaker, and bake.

Aside from having an all-in-one breadmaker, you’ll also get other benefits from these appliances. Breadmakers have kneading paddles, which means you don’t have to do the same effort needed in traditional baking. Depending on the model, you’ll also get additional accessories and manuals to get you started.

Choose the best home bread maker according to your requirements to save money while enjoying freshly-baked bread at home using the ingredients that you like. They are perfect for people who have gluten allergies or want to personalize their bread recipes.

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