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Best Dough Maker - Guide & Reviews

Making Dough On Kitchen Counter

A dough maker can easily be one of the most exciting kitchen-related purchases you ever make - especially if you are a baking aficionado. These handy-dandy tools take all the hard work and effort out of heavy kneading and dough mixing, which makes them an excellent choice for preparing your own dough for cakes, bread, pizza, cookies, etc. And, that’s not all, they can also make easy work of creaming and whipping ingredients that require lots of stirring.

Now, the question becomes, which is best dough maker for your needs?

Thankfully, there are a ton of choices to pick from and to help you narrow down your decision, this article will showcase some of the best ones on the market.

Best Dough Maker Quick Comparison Table

Product Name


Overall Score

Price Range



KitchenAid K45SSWH K45SS Classic 275-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, White

4.7 / 5


10 Speeds

4.5 Quart

Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer Image

4.0 / 5


6 Speeds

4 Quart

Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer Maker Non Stick Bowl, 3 L, Black Image

4.0 / 5


3 Liter

Important Features to Look For in the Best Dough Maker

Important Features Of A Good Dough Maker

These are some of the features you should consider when making your final decision:


Doughmakers range in price anywhere from about $100-$500, and this price can get even higher if you choose to purchase additional attachments. The ones that tend to cost more usually have a more solid build, quieter motor, and a larger capacity.


Extras like a countdown timer or a folding function are generally found on the fancier models, along with specialized mixing attachments. Premier models are also usually heavier - due to the metal construction - which can be quite helpful in terms of stability.

The good news is that you can easily purchase a great stand mixer that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. Some of the more affordable options can actually do a better mixing job than the ones that cost significantly more.

Dishwasher Safe

To be honest, cleaning a dough maker by hand isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Thus, to make things simpler, look for a model that comes with dishwasher safe ingredients. Just make sure that you read the instructions first, parts that are considered to be dishwasher safe can still become damaged if you wash them incorrectly. For instance, if you put some parts in a too-hot washing cycle, it can cause the plastic to split.

Speed Settings

Typically, the more speed options your dough maker has, the better. This variety of choices gives you the ability to do any task that you are trying to, including kneading the dough at lower speeds and whipping cream at higher speeds.

Some of the settings worth looking out for include:

  • Timer: Lets you see how long you’ve been using the dough maker
  • Soft-start: This will prevent all the ingredients from being flung all over your kitchen, no matter how high you crank up the mixer
  • Fold: It’s a gentle mixing motion used to add flour without taking the air out the mix
  • Pause: This feature allows you to stop so you can add ingredients and restart on the same speed setting, instead of from scratch


When mixing ingredients, a heavier dough maker (at least 20 pounds) has less tendency to move around your counter-top.

Best Dough Maker Reviews

KitchenAid K45SS 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixer

Additional features include:

  • 250 Watts
  • Comes with 1 Year Warranty
  • Coated Dough Hook
  • circle
    Coated Flat Beater
  • circle
    Wire Whip
  • circle
    Tilt Head Design 

This KitchenAid K45SS Tilt-head stand mixer is perfect for whipping up standard recipes. It comes with a 4.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl and 10 speeds, which make it easy for you to mix, knead, and whip your favorite recipes. It provides more versatility through its power hub, which was designed to also operate optional attachments like pasta makers, food grinders, etc.

Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer​

Additional features include:

  • 4 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl
  • 290 Watts
  • Shift and Store Bowl
  • circle
    Bowl Rest Mixer Stabilizer
  • circle
    6 Speeds
  • circle
    Comes with Traditional Beaters, Dough and Wish Hooks 

This Hamilton Beach 64650 classic stand mixer will save you energy and time, while still reaping excellent results. It’s versatility lets you decide the best tool for the job. Will you be kneading sticky dough? The stand mixer can handle virtually everything you throw at it Only need to whip up a quick dressing? Detach the hand mixer from its base for best results. What’s more? Its the #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer Maker NonStick Bowl

Additional features include:

  • 3L Non-Stick Bowl
  • Measuring Cup
  • Filter Cap Cover
  • circle
    Automatic Timer

This inventively designed Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer is excellent for whipping up virtually any recipe that you can think of, whether it be bread, cakes, or even tortillas. It’s patented dough blade ensures that it will cut through any obstacle with ease. And, because it’s bowl is non-stick, it virtually guarantees that cleanup will be a breeze. What’s more? Its low price point (approximately $75) is excellent for the baker on a budget.

Honorable Mentions

Dough Maker With Free Measuring Cups

This model is ideal for people looking for a simple dough maker to use. The overall design looks like a typical mixer, but the difference is it does more for people who like to bake. Weighing a little over a pound, this model is a lightweight dough maker that will suit every home.

It's total dimension is only around 6.5 inches on the average, which makes it perfect for home use. People with small kitchens can invest in this model for their own cooking without spending that much money.

The entire unit is made of plastic, which contributes to its lightweight feature. This material is also easy to clean. The upper lid is also made from semi-transparent  plastic material. Since it's semi-transparent, users won't see the consistency clearly, but it should be enough to see if some large chunks are still present or if the dough is still not smooth.

The lid comes with the attached lever, which will move the blades inside the dough maker. It will be locked to keep food ingredients from spilling. 

Aside from the mixer, buyers will get a set of measuring cups for free. This is a good way to save money for novice bakers. Consumers can also take advantage of free shipping that comes with this dough maker.

Don't judge this product because of it's appearance, because it can also create dough, batter and other meals.

ZY Pastry Tools Stainless Steel Dumpling Maker

This model is no your usual dough maker. It focuses on making dumplings as an accessory rather than mixing and forming dough.

This Stainless steel dumpling maker is fold able, allowing users to fill dumpling dough then close to lock the edges cleanly. Since this model is stainless steel, users are guaranteed of its durability. The entire body is made from solid stainless steel, keeping it from having dents when used.

Heavy duty construction contributes to easy dumpling making. Its weight presses dumpling edges properly and keeps fillings from spilling out from the dough.

Due to its overall design, this product is ideal for people who are making dumplings, ravioli, pot stickers, pierogis, and other similar meals.

This product also has handle-like parts that promote easy pressing. Users can press the dough by pressing the two handles together and every piece will lock properly. These handles may also work for storage as users can hang them on hooks after using and washing.

Users will find this product easy to use. Firstly, lay the dough over the product and put the filling in the middle. Next. fold the product then press to lock the edges. 

Washing is no problem, as it is dishwasher safe (despite being made from stainless steel). Its stainless steel material won't rust and it's a guarantee the product will last a very long time. Also, this product is small, which means it's easy to ship. Storage will not be a problem due to its small frame.


All the dough makers on the list are excellent in their own way. But, when having to pick the cream of the crop, the best dough maker is undeniably the Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer. It is versatile, the price point is decent, and its flexibility in use makes it an excellent addition to any baker’s kitchen.

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